Ateliers de la Maison des Savoir-Faire

The maison des Savoir Faires is an association aimed displaying and transmitting savoir-faires. Numerous savoir-faires are are present such as: working with wood: baskets, small furniture, wood sculptures, buffadous, walking sticks,.. - working with cotton: embroidery, doilies, crochets,... working straw and brambles: mats... and many other in iron, stone, painting, gastronomy... come and admire, understand and why not learn local savoir-faires.

Place : Campagnac

From 03 novembre 2018 to 25 march 2019

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Festival Marionnettissimo

This year the town of Saint-Affrique will again partner with the 21st edition of the “Marionnettissimo” puppet festival. The shows which have been chosen on a worldwide selection basis reflect the different trends of the contemporary puppet and are scheduled at different locations in Haute-Garonne and Occitania. We are very pleased to welcome two shows this year that will plunge us into the world of animated objects. The first one is a show for children and adults alike gently combining magic and poetry. The second one which is intended for an audience of 14 and over, takes an original and dissociated way to deal with the artificial intelligence issue. We invite you to explore an alternative vision of the world and to share it with us!

Place : St-Affrique

From 21 novembre 2018 to 24 novembre 2018

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Spectacle : Esquisse

In an open space reminiscent of the corporate world, a secretary works at the repetitive pace of document shredders. To flee her daily routine, she dreams up an ideal life where crumpled pieces of paper in the overloading office waste bins turn into sandy beaches, exotic travels and love affairs on the other side of the world. These administrative documents which are crumpled, torn and highlighted turn into an unusual and fanciful universe of transient paper heroes that come to life in the eye of the audience, during an outline, a dream or a song. Barbara Mélois creates a fantasy where day to day living turns into a fairy tale and the most trivial materials into chimaeras, monsters and marvels and she leads us along a poetic, exhilarating and caring meander made of shadows and papers.

 -“A show of a great beauty which carries a sensation of smoothness and lightness… where the audience is amazed every time a puppet comes into existence- this is something similar to magic that leads the spectator to the personal borders of childhood and a willingness to leave his or her own daily human condition.” L’Humanité.

This show is part of the “Marionnettissimo” puppet festival and the Cultural Season of Saint-Affrique

Barbara Mélois Company: Animated forms/Puppets

Duration: 55 min, suitable to all, from 7 years old - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  -

Due to a limited number of seats, booking with the Cultural Department is highly recommended

Around the show:

Free afternoon snack from 15.00

Puppets, script, puppetry: Barbara Mélois

Stage management: Estelle Baggs

Assistant Director: Clémentine Mélois

Tips and tricks / machinery: Bernard Mélois

Voice-over and watchful eye: Philippe Rodriguez Jorda

Place : St-Affrique

On 21 novembre 2018

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Place : Drulhe

On 22 novembre 2018, On 29 novembre 2018, On 06 december 2018, On 13 december 2018, On 20 december 2018, On 27 december 2018, On 03 january 2019, On 10 january 2019, On 17 january 2019, On 24 january 2019, On 31 january 2019

Marché de plein air

The market is held every Saturday morning on the boulevard Victor Hugo and in the Town Hall square. The Fair takes place the on second Saturday of each month and extends to the boulevard Charles De Gaulle and the Foch square. A small market is held every Thursday morning in the Town Hall square.

Place : St-Affrique

From 06 january 2018 to 29 december 2018

Stade Rodez Aveyron Rugby

Saison 2018/2019

Equipe Sénior Masculine en Championnat Fédérale 2

Dimanche 2 Septembre - SRA / BLAGNAC

Dimanche 16 Septembre - SRA / NIMES

Dimanche 7 Octobre - SRA / St SULPICE

Dimanche 4 Novembre - SRA / GRAULHET

Dimanche 18 Novembre - SRA / CERET

Dimanche 6 Janvier - SRA / CASTANET

Dimanche 27 Janvier - SRA / ROVAL DROME

Dimanche 17 Février - SRA / FLEURANCE

Dimanche 24 Mars - SRA / NARBONNE

Dimanche 21 Avril - SRA / AUBENAS

Place : Rodez

From 02 september 2018 to 21 april 2019

Marche et Santé

Place : Pont-de-Salars

On 26 novembre 2018, On 03 december 2018, On 10 december 2018, On 17 december 2018, On 07 january 2019, On 14 january 2019, On 21 january 2019, On 28 january 2019

Spectacle : Z Ça ira mieux demain

And what if Humanity within 50 years could master life to the point of achieving immortality? From the eradication of death, to the death of a society, why and how can we keep on thinking that things may work out better tomorrow?

Place : St-Affrique

On 24 novembre 2018

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Le village de Noël

Place : Le Nayrac

From 01 december 2018 to 16 december 2018, From 01 december 2018 to 06 january 2019, From 22 december 2018 to 30 december 2018, From 02 january 2019 to 06 january 2019

Exposition de Crèches

The association “Viure al Vilatge” invites you to discover a showcase of Christmas nativity scenes at the St-Izaire château displayed in the exhibition rooms.

Place : St-Izaire

From 01 december 2018 to 31 december 2018

Hivernale Des Templiers

After last year’s successful first ever edition, the Hivernale des Templiers returns on the first week-end in December 2018 and will provide a great challenge to be taken up in the Larzac countryside.

Place : Roquefort-sur-Soulzon

On 02 december 2018

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Stage d'improvisation théâtrale

The training course option is less restrictive, more intensive and more rewarding compared to a weekly workshop. It allows trainees to take full advantage of the C cédille’s two decades of experience and of its working guidelines based on personal development and inwardness concepts, on the blossoming of individual creativity and of collective intelligence, while keeping a playful and friendly atmosphere during the course. Each actor improviser unfolds his creativity in a playful and poetic way. With his own developed tools he can feed the collective creation process on the basis of autonomy and solidarity.

Place : St-Affrique

From 08 december 2018 to 09 december 2018

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